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Weight-Monitoring Solutions

WasteWizer empowers you to improve your business operations in the competitive waste industry. We provide roll-off container weight-monitoring solutions to increase turnover, prevent overweight loads, improve customer service, and help you to always send the right truck.  

Why WasteWizer?

The world of waste monitoring solutions has developed rapidly in recent years, but no other company has succeeded in providing roll-off rental companies with live weight-monitoring technology.

WasteWizer offers a system that lets you check the gross weight of your containers, at all your sites, at any time.

Always Send the Right Truck

The ability of your truck to haul a container depends on how much the container weighs. When the wrong truck goes to a site and can't haul the load, you have to either send a truck with a larger capacity or have someone physically unload the container. Other waste-monitoring solutions can only give container fill level, which says little about whether a load can be hauled. WasteWizer enables you to check haul-ability before you send a driver to a site.

Prevent Overweight Loads

WasteWizer provides you with live weight measurements, and these measurements can even be shared with your customer. Using the WasteWizer system, your customers can see how close they are to exceeding the maximum container weight, along with any overweight charges they could incur.

Increase Turnover

Customers that rent roll-off containers for smaller projects often finish filling them several days before calling in for service. With WasteWizer, you can know sooner that your container is filled, reducing time spent waiting for containers to become available.

Improve Customer Service

When a customer has finished using their container, the hauler takes the container to the tipping station or landfill and empties it. The hauler is then charged based on the weight of the container's contents, and that charge is often passed back on to the customer. For many customers, this unknown cost can be a source of anxiety. WasteWizer can enable you to share cost estimates progressively, updating in real time as the customer loads the container and weight changes.


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